Sunbeam Children’s Home

Sunbeam Children’s Home was the first project of KSM and the door into the Teso area. The word ‘Sunbeam’ comes from the well-known chorus Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam. In 2006, Simeon McCullough and Annett Agnew came out and dug the foundations and built the septic tank. This was followed by a team of 26 men, who came from Northern Ireland, who completed the main building of the Children’s Home. In 2008, a team of 14 from LIFT, Northern Ireland, came to do the finishing touches and complete the work, leaving the building ready for painting and furnishing.

Sunbeam Children’s Home opened on 6th May 2009 with 20 children. These children came from different circumstances with one thing in common: they were total orphans. We had one little boy who has Down Syndrome and has become crippled through Polio. Two sets of children witnessed their parents being murdered, due to the post-election violence. Some of the children were extremely malnourished and near death due to starvation.

The children’s home is now full with 43 children. The majority of these children are currently sponsored to cover all areas of life; education, food and accommodation, health care and basic needs.

Taken in front of their newly painted mural, Summer 2014 

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