Shalom Bible School

At the being of 2010 God clearly said,

“It was time to enlarge our tent and strengthen our stakes.”

I felt clearly it was time to birth a Spiritual work in the Teso area.

Shalom Bible training centre was started on the 6th March 2010, with about 10 students. The aim was to equip and encourage leaders and Pastors in the word of God, and give them a strong foundation in the Word of God and on how to walk out the Christian life .

After much prayer and divine connections we joined with AFCM (Association of Faith Church Ministers). This organisation was founded by Jim Kasement from the United States of America, and facilitates Bible Schools all over the world. Their base in Africa is Kisumu in Western Kenya, under the founder of Disciples of Mercy Ministry, run by Rev Jennie Ochieng from Australia. The Bible college offers a diploma course on foundational teaching of the scriptures which we commenced in January 2011. Already over 40 students have studied there and 25 of those having attained their Level 1 diplomas and a further 6 going on to achieve their Level 2 diplomas.

photos of 2012 022

We also provide teaching on basic subjects of leadership and major doctrines in the Bible. We offer support and counseling to Pastors and go around the local churches encouraging and supporting them.

Out tent is certainly being enlarged and we are having many applications to start Bible courses in rural villages and nearby towns. People are hungry for sound teaching of the Word of God. The desire is to bring Pastors and teachers from the UK and other places to teach in the Bible College. We had our first KSM Conference in October 2011, seeing 120 saved. The speakers at this conference were Pastor Cait Rice from God’s House of Prayer to all Nations, based in Carlow, Southern Ireland and Olive Bustard from Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. Both of these teachers are returning this year on separate occasions.

In the near future we hope to start our own church, and build a prayer centre where people can come to fast and pray and hear from God with no distractions. Already, there is great excitement in the community and surrounding area for their commencement.

If any one feels a burden or desire to sow into this area of the work, it is possible to give a donation or set up a standing order.

Ellen’s current Bible School Group 2015-2016

This is the group of students Ellen is currently working with through Shalom Bible School. They attended a 5 day seminar in Kisumu recently where Ellen was one of the speakers. All students thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Bible Group 1

Bible Group 2

Interested in getting involved?

Maybe you would be keen to come out to teach in the school even for a short period or speak at a conference. We would like to hear from you, we hope in the future to bring out evangelistic teams and youth teams again if you feel you would be interesting in bringing teams from your church please let us know.  Our desire is to bring the local churches in Teso together, for prayer and fellowship, as in unity God says we can ‘command a blessing and revival can come.’

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