The first photos show the fencing enclosure for the animals, not just the cow. Then photos of the cow shed with 2 baby nurseries and a store and finally fencing all round to the back of the cow shed which has been cleared for donkeys, goats and chickens. Geese will be at the entrance as security.

Public health are rightly insisting, that all animals are secured at night outside of the children's home area for health reasons.

To reduce the risk of poo and urine contamination or cross infection for everyone, especially with babies crawling and playing outside.

You can see much of this work in the photos below.

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Our Standard 8 Primary School Children are getting ready to go to Secondary school later this year, and as is the norm for most NI primary school kids, they get to go on a school trip to celebrate their time at primary school.

We would love to do the same for the Standard 8 boys and girls. It is hoped to be able to taken them on a special day out on the 2nd of August to Kisumu to visit the Museum, Lake Victoria Wildlife Park and the Airport.

This of course involves hiring a bus, entrance fees and lunch for the children.

The approximate cost is £650 and we are looking a few generous benefactors to help make this happen.

Please consider funding this opportunity for the children. If you can help, please get in touch via Facebook or make cheques payable to Kenya Sunbeam Ministries

Any cheques can be sent to:

Lauren Henning
10 Stranmillis Reach

Please include your details with the cheque so we can thank you.

God bless

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Thanks to Karin McMahon and the Mother and Toddlers Group from Scrabo Presbyterian Church for their kind donation to KSM and their ongoing support of the work in Kenya. Here are some of the books and crayons purchased with your donation, more still to be purchased so thank you again. ...

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A message from Ellen Allison to all our wonderful supporters.....

I would like to thank everyone who gave so generously to help us build replacement toilets with good foundations for the children. We have started on the boys and girls toilets, both are totally separate, at different ends of the field. We also plan to build smaller toilets suitable for our younger children at the nursery nearer to the school.

We know that God is our source and we give him Thanks and Praise for what he has done already and what he will do in the future.....


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Replacement toilets under construction. ...

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