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We got a motorbike!!

We would like to introduce our new addition to the KSM transport family!! Thanks to Raymond Dowdalls and his very generous donation to KSM, Ellen and Rebecca were able to go out last Friday and purchase a brand new motorbike to be used out in Teso when the roads and conditions don’t make it possible for the vehicle to get out of the site. God knows our needs and meets them when we least expect it. This is what Ellen had to say: Read More


Reuven is Dedicated!

As you all know, Reuven has recently joined the Sunbeam family and just yesterday Ellen shared some very exciting news with us about how she had him dedicated to The Lord in her Prayer Centre last Sunday… Read More


Welcome Reuven!

KSM would like to welcome little Reuven into the Sunbeam family!! Just a few weeks ago, the Lord intervened on Reuven’s circumstances and he was noticed lying at the side of the road by the authorities. The police took the little 6 week old baby to the hospital and got his health tested, and on learning he was healthy, brought him to Ellen at Sunbeam Children’s Home. Read More


Olive Bustard comes to visit!

These updates are long overdue! Lack of internet connection has been a problem but hope you enjoy them now. As some of you are aware we had Olive Bustard visit us in April. Rather than me tell you about her visit here is her own account of her time at KSM Teso: “Blessings in the Name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. A praise report indeed! I have been greatly blessed on this my third trip to Kenya. While the journey was taxing, in the end was worth it all. I had all my boarding tickets with seat allocation Read More


New Life Resource Centre

Our current project is the New Life Resource Centre, as you can see from the photo above, the walls are up and the roof is being prepared.

The Centre will be multifunctional and will comprise of:Teaching in all areas of personal and daily living, Health and hygiene, Child care, Nutrition and cooking, HIV counseling, How to start a small business, Finance, Farming. Giving advice on Government issues and benefits available.
A vocational centre to teach sewing, cooking, hairdressing, woodwork, metal work,and building. Teaching english to adults, reading and writing skills.This will also be used for our children in Sunbeam on leaving school to equip them for the future and help them to adjust back into the community as adults.


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