Ellen’s Latest Update from Teso


Isaiah 42 v 8-9

I am the Lord; that is My name and My glory I will not give to another, neither My praise to graven images. Behold, the former things are come to pass and new things do I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them.

In the world we are in dark days, these days bring confusion, doubt and disillusion in all walks of life. The question is where can we go and what can we do? Unfortunately the church is asleep as dark clouds are drawing close. The enemy is at the door and we fail to see him. The time has come for the church to arise and take her place, to speak boldly about the sin that is about us and the sin our churches condone. We cannot mix light with darkness; we need to take our stand boldly on His side. No longer can we stand in the middle and try to please everyone.

Where are you today? Are you troubled? Is there no joy in your life? Do you feel unfulfilled? The answer is clear; Yeshua Hamarihee is coming again, only not as a lamb or baby but as the Lion of Judah to rule and reign.

Kenya, like most countries is in turmoil, the Government is totally divided, both sides using witchcraft against each other and tribalism and hatred is very much alive. Again we see the church in Kenya dead, allowing things to continue in their churches; compromise is the main word in Kenya. But God is not happy and judgement is coming.

We here in Kengatuny know the surrounding peace of the Lord, and are very conscious of His angels all around. That does not mean we do not go through problems and difficulties because we do, and many days you just feel like walking away and not looking back. Then the Grace of God comes and settles your heart and establishes your heart to fulfil the mission He has given you to fulfil.

The work is progressing, maybe not this year in seeing buildings being erected but to strengthen and fortify our boundaries. So often we keep building but like at home we forget the small jobs that are needed to complete the big job.

We have become very much aware of these small jobs and they do mount up, so our main task this year is to fix guttering, put verandas in place, painting, making paths, fencing and a general tidy up. The main work this year will be finishing the Life Centre and putting a solar panel system in place.

The children are growing up fast, getting taller and no longer looking like the babies that came in 2009. They are healthy and enjoying life in all aspects, watching DVD’s at the weekend, riding their bikes, playing games and doing all the things our children do at home.


Rainbow Academy is now a registered school and is growing. We have 70 students up to Standard 3. At the moment they are in the Life Centre until we raise funds to build a school in the future. We employ 6 teachers which are learning how to work as a team but that has its challenges and in recent months we have had to sack two, so this is an area that needs much prayer.


We are blessed this year to have so many visitors coming who work in schools – Janice Barr and Corinne Wilson (classroom assistants), Lauren Thompson and Rachael Newburn (teachers), so I believe they will put a lot of work into the school and assisting these teachers in the work they are doing. Of course they will be doing many other things assisting in child club, making crafts and personally working with the children in the Children’s Home.

In the first half of the year we had Olive Bustard visiting us. This was her third visit and she brought wonderful teaching to the Church and the Bible School on our Hebraic roots and we celebrated Passover in the Prayer Centre.

The Lift team come in July (only 3 men coming this year) and will be assisting us in all those odd jobs needing finished. This will be followed by the Eglinton GB Girls Team who will work with the children having the child club every day, painting wherever needed; art work on walls and also crafts. Heather Milln and her granddaughter Lauren are coming in August for their first visit to Kenya. I know they will enjoy working with the children and helping where needed.

Rebecca, my strong right arm, will be leaving in August after completing her one year voluntary work here in Kenya for KSM. She has been a blessing and will be greatly missed, not only by me but all the staff and children. Not only has she put the books in order and all office work but she has worked tirelessly in all areas of the work. She has been my personal friend, companion and in many ways like my daughter; the house will be empty without her. I know God has greater plans for her and this was her preparation, please pray for her as she goes home to settle back into normal life, that God’s blessing will be on her and her husband Gordon in the days ahead.

reuven smileAs many of you know, a little bundle of joy came into our house in April – little Reuven Asa Allison (his name is pronounced Reuben). He was 6 weeks old and had been abandoned at the side of the road. God knew where he was and protected him and brought him to me. What a blessing and joy it has brought to me personally. He is growing and thriving and very much part of the Sunbeam family.

The Bible College is doing well with more graduations and leaders growing in the Word of God and truth and being equipped and supported to go out and be the men and women of God that is very much needed in this hour.

In December when I was preparing to come home a Pastor from Kisumu came to oversee the work while we were away. This was very successful and we offered him the permanent position of Manager which he accepted. He joined KSM staff in April 2014 as Manager, not just of the Children’s Home but all our ongoing projects.

I am afraid as it is with most ministries and charities, financial giving has gone down, but inspite of this God has been providing and blessing, and we continue to be ever-dependant on Him as our Source. Due of drought and crops failing the cost of food has gone up, which of course means more in the community are needing help and support and we are blessed to be able to continue giving and offering support. All our home support children received a new mattress and blanket, free school and monthly supply of essential food. Most of our employees are from the local community so again we are helping the community. We are grateful to all of you who sponsor our children or support us financially in any way, it is very much appreciated and we guarantee that every penny is used and accounted for as the need arises.

We have had donations for 2 cows and a cow shed which we hope to have as soon as possible, but we need to have the area fenced and made secure first so I look forward to bringing you a report on that in my next update.

our new bike 6th june 2014 002Already we have been blessed with a motorbike which is greatly needed, as when the rains come and the roads are not suitable for our vehicle a bike is essential. This was provided by a previous LIFT team worker Raymond Dowdalls. A special donation of £2000 was given to finish work much needed in the Life Centre. We have already built 8 toilets and all the glass has been put in windows and it has also been painted on the outside.

We look forward to having Desi, Rosemary and Steven Wright who arrive on the 21 June. Desi and Steven will be putting guttering around the Life Centre and putting in place water saving tanks to catch rain water. We hope if they have time, to also complete the veranda at the Children’s Home. Rosemary will help where needed and assist Rebecca with crafts.

It’s hard to believe that half a year is over, time seems to go quicker the older we get so I know it will not be long until I am writing the December update and another year over. Thank you all again for your support and prayers – we appreciate them very much. Let me remind you of our monthly prayer meeting, the third Tuesday of each month in Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Agnes Street, Belfast at 7.30pm, or maybe you would like to have your own prayer meeting in your area, if so please let us know.

As you may have been aware our web site has been revamped so please check it out www.kenyasunbeamministries.org and our new face book page is Kenya Sunbeam Ministries, please like it. Rachael Newburn has taken on the task of becoming the Editor and we thank Rachael for all her hard work and effort.

Please can I ask that you tell people about KSM and encourage them to check our website and Facebook. Also, if you can organise meetings for us to share about the vision and the work please contact the Secretary, Glenys Hall at ksmbelfast@gmail.com.

We also have some children that still need sponsoring if you are interested or know someone who might be, please again contact Glenys or see the Priority Needs page.

May God bless and protect you in the second half of this year and God’s Shalom Peace be your portion.


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