Life Centre

The building of our Life centre was an on-going project throughout 2013 and was completed in December 2013.

At present we will be using the life centre for Rainbow Academy until a new school is built in 2015. We will also use the building for church on Sunday and Child Club on Saturdays. The bible school will also have use of it when needed. In the summer months we have teams coming out to complete some areas like a veranda, putting on internal doors and painting the inside and outside of the centre. Our main job will be done in September when the solar panels and wiring will be completed.

The long term plan for the Life centre is a resource centre for the community to assist them in the following ways: 

  1. Home support program for vulnerable children who can remain in their own homes but need assistance. KSM will pay the school fees and requirements and support the families when needed. Some children will be set up with a sponsorship for £10, but not all children will be sponsored with £10 as this will vary depending on their needs. Some children will be sponsored to attend Rainbow Academy only, while others will be provided with food.
  2. Home care program to assist the Elderly and provide a feeding program for those most vulnerable and living alone.
  3. Teaching programs to educate the community in becoming self-sufficient – not solely depending on hand-outs but getting hand-ups so that they can provide food and support for their own families. This will include teaching on farming, finance and business start-ups.
  4. Counselling facilities for those with HIV or any other need like child care, health and hygiene – equipping and supporting them to raise the level of independence in the Teso district.
  5. In the future we will add on a vocational centre were people and our children on leaving school can learn a trade, such as hairdressing, sewing, wood and metal work, IT  and much more. 

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