Going to the local church one Sunday morning, Ellen noticed a frail and sickly child. After the service Ellen approached the mother asking her how old the child was, only to be shocked by the news she was 9 months old and called Linda.

On first speaking to Linda’s mum she denied the child was sick, but after further discussion agreed to bring Linda to the site the following day. After examination and consultation with another medical colleague, it was agreed Linda had a severe heart problem and was very malnourished, she appeared to be around 2 months old, did not sit up on her own or assist herself in any way. It was confirmed she had multiple holes in the heart and had other problems such as Down syndrome, joint problems and malformed hip joints. After taking her to Nairobi it was decided she was suitable to heart surgery.

Linda was on our prayer list continually, and many times she came near to death, but without a doubt God has a special plan for this little girl. Her surgery was to be in May 2010, when a charity called MEAK from London was coming to Nairobi for one month to carry out cardiac surgery on children. On arrival in Nairobi they went to the hospital for admission and pre-assessment with the London Surgeon. After Echo tests and scans to my total amazement, Ellen was told Linda would not need surgery now or ever, because Linda’s heart had amazingly healed itself.

Linda was taken home, where she has continued to get stronger, with no heart problems. Only God can get the glory and we are assured that Linda will continue to progress and fulfil the special plan for her life. Her mother and father had 11 children, some of whom have passed away and they live in total poverty and because of Linda’s other disabilities they felt it was not possible for them to continue caring for her. So Linda now lives in Sunbeam Children’s home.

Bore Hole

On coming to Kengatuny in Teso district 2001, one of the first areas of need was very obvious, the lack of clean water supply. It was told to us that it was not possible to drill for a bore hole, due to the fact the rock was too thick and too deep. God was clearly saying to us that He would supply water. Years passed, and the work of KSM was progressing. We now had a childrens home and of course the need for water was growing, as we continued to enlarge our projects.

In 2010 God was saying it was time to enlarge our tent and strengthen our stacks. Ellen felt very strongly that the time was here to pursue a bore hole. Of course as in the day of Nehemiah there were many who ridiculed, saying it was not possible, but KSM decided to believe God.

A water contractor was consulted and tests carried out after much persuasion, it was agreed to start the work in June 2010. When God has a plan, of course the enemy does not like it or want it to succeed. When the driller arrived at the top of our land, the road had become almost impassable due to heavy rain, this caused the driver to refuse to continue down to the site. After people praying and fasting for 3 days, the driver was encouraged, that faith without works is dead. We certainly had the faith to bring the driller down, but we needed the driver to operate the driller.

Eventually he agreed. Ellen believes God touched his heart and the delay was to bring glory to God alone. On arrival at the site, our next obstacle was the rock, it was too thick and the driller would not penetrate it. Again after much discussion and prayer a place was shown for drilling and it was agreed they would try.  To their amazement another miracle, the drill went down 120 ft and hit the largest supply of fresh water ever recorded in Western Kenya. Another miracle to the glory of God. Many official visitors have come to inspect and enquire about the bore hole. The water has been tested and is clean and suitable for drinking. We can clearly say that Kengatuny has an abundant supply of water and KSM’s needs for water have been totally met. This is what the bore hole looks like today.

Ellen’s new house

After arriving in Teso and establishing the work of KSM, Ellen was very happy and content to live in a mud hut. It is amazing when you are doing God’s will and purpose you become content in whatever circumstance you find yourself. Not having a washing machine a fridge or TV was no longer a major issue in Ellen’s life. But our God and Father has wonderful ways of meeting our needs even when we do not know what is happening or even praying for it.

God had divinely connected Ellen with a group of missionaries in Kisumu around 2 hours away from Kengatuny. They came from Australia, and had worked in Kenya for many years.

They had a metal workshop and so we ordered bunk beds to be made for our children at Sunbeam. The first time the head of this ministry visited, she asked to walk round our land and saw the foundations of what was to be a visitors house. On returning, she said she felt that God was going to cause KSM to be a great blessing in Teso district. This of course was very encouraging. Her second visit was to deliver the beds and during this time she asked again if the house was completed and if she could she walk around it. Ellen told her that nothing further had been done as it wasn’t high on the list of priorities at that time.

A couple of days later, she contacted Ellen and her words left her in total shock and amazement. She said God had told her to complete the house completely and that it was to be Ellen’s home. Ellen thought of that scripture Luke 18 v 29, 30

“There is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Who will not receive many times as much at this time and in the age to come.”

So it is with great delight, that Ellen can now tell you that she has a home in Kengatuny given to her totally as a gift from our Heavenly Father.


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