Needs for 2020

Needs for 2020…

This incoming year at KSM we would have a number of things that we would ask you to pray about. We know that God is the source of our provision, but we also know that he uses the people around us to move forward in His plans. If you would like to contribute to KSM through any of these areas, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please keep us in your prayers for 2019. We need the following:

  1. At present, we need a whole new school built. Costing roughly about £35,000. This will include 8 classrooms, office, toilets and dining hall.
  2. The Children’s home as you know was built in 2006 so of course continuous maintenance is required we have recently built 8 new washrooms separating boys from girls. Our older girls have moved into my old house on a temporary basis until a purpose built facility is completed. This will have to be planned out to include a building for older boys separate from each other.
  3. At present we are fundraising for consistent vehicle maintenance. This will allow us to cover all costs regarding our vehicle.

We thank God for everything he provided for us last year and we were able to fence off the majority of the area and maximize security around the facility, as well as many other things. God continues to be faithful to us and we look forward to how He will move in 2019.

We know that God will provide everything that we need.

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