Prayer Centre

 “My house shall be called a place of prayer for all nations.” Isaiah 56:7

The Prayer Centre came about when God spoke to Ellen sitting on her prayer rock and He told her ‘if she built it He would come’. Naturally at first this did not make sense and Ellen delayed as she was waiting on more confirmation and clarity.

Her final decision was that if this was truly of God that He would touch people’s heart to give to the spiritual work of KSM. When God has a plan He is also the Source and the Provider. Within a short time money was coming in and plans to build were under way. When you know deep within your heart this is God’s plan, excitement begins to grow and doubts fade.

The Prayer Centre at times has been mistaken for a church but there is distinction between the two. The idea for the Prayer Centre came from the ‘Tent of Meeting’ that Moses established, where people met to pray and fast, and most importantly to worship God in this sanctified place. His Presence was revealed and His Glory seen. This is a place where the festivals that God laid down to Moses are recognised, and is also a place of fasting and prayer for all people. It is now a place were church leaders can come to seek God for direction for their churches or for their personal lives.

It is also a place where conferences are held and people come together and seek God for Kenya, the community and the nations. The Prayer Centre is a place where people from all nations can come to seek God and know His presence in a deeper way. It is a true ‘Light in a dark place’ as God always intended.

We know great things are in store. When we think of Elijah as he sent his servant up to look for a cloud showing rain, we too are looking for and have already seen the cloud and heard the sounds of the rain.

Continue to pray for us as we stand in the gap for the Teso people and Kenya.


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