Sarah – A Miracle in a Dump


Hi everyone,

It’s been a while and it’s time to update with you all with some recent news about what’s been happening over in Kenya with Ellen.

We want to tell you about a little miracle that has happened, and she goes by the name of Sarah…

At the beginning of February, Ellen received a call from the Child Officer in the local areas asking KSM to take in and to help a little girl who was one week old and found in a dump in a nearby town called Malaba. We agreed, and the little baby was brought to us – she was very tiny, but had a very swollen face, especially around the eyes. Ellen decided that she would give her the name Sarah.

Sarah in bushes update

In the few weeks that followed, Sarah improved – she was feeding well and her eyes were clearing up. In the meantime, the Authorities had found her mother, who had been taken to jail and was waiting for a court date. When that day arrived, Sarah had to be brought to the hearing, and a strange story unfolded.

Her mother was aged 16 and had been abducted herself two years previous to this when she was just on her way to school. She was taken to Nairobi and her parents who lived about one hour away from Bungoma tried everything to find their daughter. They informed the police and provided photographs which were posted up around the nearby towns and villages to see if anyone had seen her or knew where she was. It was only when the 16 year old mother herself, managed to get to a police station and share her story about dumping her baby and the account of what had happened to her two years later, that her parents were able to be informed and to come and be reunited with their daughter at court. To their pleasant surprise, they also found out that they were now grandparents and were thrilled to take their daughter home with their new granddaughter and raise it as their own. Thankfully, the judge had compassion on the girl and she wasn’t imprisoned for abandoning her child, but instead released on a 3 year probation period where she would be supervised on a monthly basis by the probation office.

The mother of the little baby is now able to go and finish the education she was taken from and able to go back to having a normal life with her family around her and the loving environment she was abducted from. God had this situation handled, and we are thankful that KSM was able to help in a little way and take care of this beautiful baby girl until she was returned to her family.


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