Shalom Bible School Conference 2016


Recently in Sunbeam, Ellen held a conference through Shalom Bible School along with Olive Bustard, a longtime friend and supporter of KSM. Ellen has shared with us a little of how the conference went, and we would like to share it with you!

“‘Study of our Hebraic Roots’ was the title of our recent Conference. I believe this was not just an ordinary yearly conference, but an appointed time for God to awake a fresh love in the heart of the people for the study of the scriptures.

In my Christian walk I have always believed in Progressive Revelation; we never stop learning more about God and who He is and about His Word. This study was about truth we have all long ignored or over looked, and so it was very challenging to all – including myself.


Olive Bustard who has been in Teso before was out on her fourth visit. She is a teacher of the Torah and has extensive knowledge in the area of our Hebraic Roots.

She is a Sabbath Keeper and attends a Sabbath Community that is situated in Maghera and Ballymoney, N Ireland. This group have been very supportive of the work in Sunbeam, assisting greatly with the Children’s Home through the making of the new cots for the twins and in the foundations of our new dining hall.

For the conference they financed the food and preparations needed to facilitate our boarding students. We have been greatly blessed by their prayers and support and we thank you!

We had approximately 30 students – 15 were boarders and the rest came as ‘Day’ students. We had a packed program starting in the morning with prayer, praise and worship at 9.30am. The programme continued until 5pm. At this point day students went home. The boarders then returned at 6.30pm for question time and further study and Prayer.

The program consisted of topics as follows

The Appointed Feasts of the Lord, why keep the Sabbath, which is a Saturday not a Sunday (Sunday was appointed by man). There was a study on Easter and Christmas and other Pagan feasts appointed by man, and the students looked at how Yeshua was all through the scriptures right from creation to Revelation.

We then celebrated Passover and at the close of the conference, each student who attended received a certificate. We had two students who were water baptised in the local river and received certificates.

On our last Sabbath together 4 babies were dedicated to the Lord which was very special.

During the conference we had a prayer walk to the village of Kocholyia and Bitobo where we also held outreach with testimony’s each student taking part. This was a wonderful day with people getting saved and prayed for. As a result we will be continuing this on a monthly basis.

Our older children in Sunday School attended the evening classes and really enjoyed it. They fully participated in the singing and praying and it was a joy to such witness hunger for the Word of God with such commitment. I know Olive will be writing a report of her trip and I am sure she will give more details of her time at Sunbeam.

I really appreciated all the hard word and study Olive put into this conference I know it meant many hours of hard work and time away from the family. I know she has brought light to this area in teaching the truth and the truth sets you free.”


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