Sunbeam Animal Shelter?


Here are a few photos of the animals belonging to Kenya Sunbeam Ministries, and this is just the beginning!

God has been continually blessing and providing KSM with animals who can be of benefit to the work in the Teso area. We have two donkeys – Freddie and Gertie, who have given birth to a little baby called Mary, we have three goats – Billy, Bondi and Lily. Billy is the male goat and Bondi and Lily are both expecting kids with Billy (Billy likes to keep with the African traditions by having two wives).  There are around 10 ducks – including the ducklings, chickens, two geese called Jack and Jill, a cat called Pepper, a dog called Nosey and we hope to be adding two more cows to the mix after generous donations in the past couple of months.

These animals will provide meat, eggs and milk, not to mention their use for aiding carrying and lifting around the site, as well as keeping the grass nice and trim!

Here are just a few photos of the animals here:

This is Nosey

Nosey Dog

This is Freddie

Freddie Donkey

This is Freddie’s wife Gertie

Gertie Donkey

This is Billy

Bondi Goat

This is one of Billy’s wives

Lily goat

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