Volunteers Report Back! : Part 5 – “Christine & Jim Black”


To our dear friends at Kenya Sunbeam Ministries. A report of our time with Pastor Ellen in October 2014.

We began our time with Pastor Ellen in Teso, with a miracle of God’s provision, the vehicle which had been off the road for a month, was now up and running just the evening before Pastor Ellen met up with us in Bungoma. A miracle of God’s grace and loving provision.

It is always a challenge in Teso, the roads [tracks] leading down to the compound are unbelievable, the worst we traveled on during our time in Kenya. We are standing and believing for a proper road to be put in to allow safe and easy access out of the compound and easy access in.

God miraculously kept the vehicle going and much fruit for the Kingdom of God came forth in many, many precious lives as we journeyed with Pastor Ellen and her manager Protus, who worked unceasingly to further God’s Kingdom amongst the Teso people, who live in the bush. In all we ministered in 15 different churches, including KSM, and traveled on many bumpy, dusty, muddy roads, with Pastor Ellen at the wheel. The grace of God is so upon her, as it is by no means easy to live out in Kenya. And we are so thankful for all her help and support during our time with her.

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Above a ministry trip to a church in the bush, where many pastors gathered to receive from the Lord. During our time in Teso and surrounding area, this happened many times. Pastors and leaders were hungry to receive from God, to be able to impart to their people. Below a few of the meetings where we ministered God’s Word. Many were healed, set free, delivered and many lives were touched by the power of God.

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As you can see below some of the beautiful children at KSM, including Linda [below left], who is not only standing, but beginning to dance to the Lord. A miracle child indeed. God is faithful, and there is nothing He cannot do. He heals broken bodies and broken hearts. He restores everything that the enemy has stolen, and gives back far more. And we give Him all the glory.

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Page 2cWe also had the privilege of praying for every precious child in the KSM Children’s Home and saw God move in the most beautiful way, as Jesus touched their lives. God is moving in a powerful way with these precious children. Many of the boys and girls worship and intercede for the Home and the nation every night for an hour. Totally unprompted. They lead their own prayer and worship times. God is doing something very special amongst these children, and we need to keep them covered in prayer as they storm heaven on behalf of their people.

We also had the privilege of being ordained by Pastor Ellen as Ministers of the Gospel in Kenya and the nations. Which was a wonderful thing, and we praise the Lord for what He is doing.

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So time to leave Pastor Ellen and of course our dear little Reuven, who was a source of great joy to us all and is certainly a missions baby, as he traveled with us to many of our meetings. He is very special and obviously has a very special call of God upon his life.

The work that Pastor Ellen is doing in Teso, is a powerful work of God that will not only change the lives of each precious child who comes through their Page 3adoor, but also is changing the very spiritual atmosphere of Teso. She needs all your financial support, love and prayers. She is a powerful women of God, who hears God, and with great faith and perseverance in a very dark place, is forging forward and bringing the light of the Kingdom of God into an area which has been entrenched in witchcraft and darkness for generations.

She is no ordinary believer in Jesus, but has been given a powerful mandate from the Lord, and we need to stand with her in any way we can, to see her fulfill the call of God upon her life, to bring the light and life of Jesus to a people in Teso and the nation of Kenya. Whilst we sit in our comfortable homes, with many luxuries and much comfort, our sister in the Lord often stands alone in a place that many of us do not know exists. She is one who is laying down her life to see those in darkness coming into the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. It is the truth of God’s Word that will bring healing and deliverance to a people in darkness. For those who are in darkness have seen a great light.

We stand with you Pastor Ellen as our precious sister in the Lord, to see you fulfill your call, and run your race for the King of kings, and the Lord of lords.

A very blessed Christmas to all our dear brothers and sisters in the Lord and a very prosperous New Year.

Pastors Jim and Christine Black

Daughters of the King Ministries

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