Volunteers Report Back!: Part 7 – Heather Farmer


12th February – 27th February 2015

Ellen was back home in early New Year and it was then that I decided that I would return to Kenya with her for my first visit in five years.

What a transformation I found. As well as Ellen’s new house there was: a prayer centre, bible school, an improved orphanage building, more land, increased staff and of course, providing life enhancing water, the borehole.

The children I remember are now maturing and exceling in school whilst children from the broader community are now receiving an education. The hard work and dedication of our teams and visiting helpers have helped to realise God’s plan for Teso.

We arrived at the site on Saturday 14th February and in time for the Sunday service in our prayer centre. The children took the lead in this with Emmanuel acting as interpreter. It was a real joy to see children of different age groups singing, dancing and worshiping the Lord. They had obviously been practising very hard and the outcome was this wonderful blessed service.

geese heatherAlthough I had only limited time on my visit I managed to purchase some wire mesh to complete the dog run at the back.

It also served to protect the new tropical plants and trees I acquired from the ferocious geese (only kidding!). This added some colour to Ellen’s house. Nosey, the mad dog managed to eat my only pair of shoes so I had to buy a new pair to travel home – visitors be warned!




An added joy was being able to listen to the children both praying and singing morning and night without any prompting. It really touched my heart.

kids heather

Our vehicle wouldn’t start every time we needed it to take a trip, leading us to ask bystanders for a push! Still we managed to get by.

A final comment on my visit? Many laughs, much sharing and great companionship – I felt I had a thoroughly blessed trip.

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